Family Day 2018 February 10-12

blockwatch meeting Jan 17 2018 rescheduled

Meeting 6 pm RESCHEDULED to January 25, 2018

Now scheduled for Thursday January 25!

At Community Futures Boundary.

Learn more about the Block Watch program and how to volunteer!
More information – 250-443-4594

Building a Safe & Secure Grand Forks Meeting Notes

December 14, 2017 (6:00 – 8:00 p.m.) in the Dr. D. A. Perley Elementary School gymnasium

[Access at the approximate time (h:mm) indicators for more details]

City Initiatives (prior to community input ( prior to 0.55)

  • meetings and follow-up letters with government officials on homelessness, crime, addictions and mental health issues
  • bylaw enforcement: extension of contract to end of year; working with the Province to clean up camps along river frontage; Block Watch program initiated
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED ) study assessed high risk areas for criminal activity
  • meetings with RCMP and area directors to discuss issues
  • working on OCP and zoning bylaw changes to allow for more affordable housing options
  • support for BETHS shelter/hub initiative through BC Housing and exploratory talks for additional housing funded through them

Vigilantism (~ 0:55 – 0:59)

  • perception and context must play a role in overcoming this tendency, which is very risky
  • associated laws have been entrenched for many years, but could be altered

Block Watch (~ 0:59)

  • no online monitoring of activity

Drug Investigations (~ 1:00 – 1:03)

  • resource intensive
  • citizens need to phone in timely information
  • must disrupt behaviour of those running drug houses
  • confidentiality of sources is being threatened through the legal system

Mental Health (~ 1:04 – 1:06)

  • success rates vary due to being subjective and difficult to define

Auxilliary Police Program (~ 1:06 – 1:08)

  • changed about a year ago due to a fatality
  • now a three-tiered program that requires training
  • no active program in GF at the current time
  • no ride-along programs due to civil liabilities

Crime Watch Info (~ 1:08 – 1:10)

  • not released as often due to time constraints
  • can still occur on an as-needs basis
  • quarterly reports go to council for in-house analysis

Needle Exchange (~ 1:10 – 1:11)

  • litter can be minimized by promoting the available drop boxes

RCMP Vacancies (~ 1:11 – 1:13)

  • provincial numbers vary from 10 to 15%
  • government meetings are occurring on a face-to-face basis
  • 141 officers have been requested for BC, especially for the rural areas

Stolen Property (~ 1:13 – 1:16)

  • items traced back to their rightful owners are returned, otherwise they are trashed
  • exception is that unclaimed bicycles are donated to the high school for further distribution
  • majority of items stolen in GF are power tools, chain saws, hand tools, and bicycles
  • items should be secured and marked by a unique ID
  • a new bylaw is in the works for stemming the tide of stolen items flowing through pawn shops
  • a picture ID bylaw will better identify those selling items to pawn shops (~ 1:31 – 1:33)
  • “intent” of pawn shop owner is hard to prove regarding stolen property (~ 1:48 – 1:50)

Detox-Rehab Process (~ 1:16 – 1:17)

  • delays are based upon availability of beds AND the person’s choice of program, which is voluntary

Restorative Justice (~ 1:17 – 1:21)

  • changing for the better in the next couple of years
  • youth crime is low
  • property crime offenders must want to attend the Detox-Rehab process
  • ongoing revolving door between Detox and Rehab if people aren’t willing to change
  • there are 6 to 10 local individuals who need to be rehabilitated or removed (see also Sgt. Fenske’s opening remarks from ~ 0:44 – 0:52)

24-7 Shelter (~ 1:22 – 1:24)

  • those seeking the shelter and soup kitchen are not all criminals
  • go down there to see who we are feeding
  • criminals are hard to separate out
  • reduction in crime (for example in Medicine Hat, AB) occurs when housing is provided
  • such resources do not attract outside people to a community

NIMBY re BETHS (~ 1:24 – 1:30, ~ 1:33 – 1:39)

  • mental health issues do not necessarily connect with drug addiction and homelessness
  • why not move our shelter outside the city limits?
  • location is always a problem, but proximity is required for assistance when needed
  • offenders can be either self-policed or held accountable, which is the case at BETHS where people are registered
  • decision-makers (i.e. City Council) are open to suggestions as long as safety is a priority
  • open houses and council meetings are opportunities whereby citizens can be heard, but yes, it is a polarizing issue
  • 7 to 12 people per night stay at BETHS

Security Systems (~ 1:40 – 1:47)

  • need to care for your neighbours by watching their properties and trading phone numbers
  • take videos of personal items
  • Block Watch incorporates the above and provides training and tips
  • installation of HD security cameras (for about $400) is very helpful and can lead to a drop in insurance costs

Whispers of Hope (~ 1:51 – 2:01)

  • why is WoH being shut down if it’s serving 65 meals per day?
  • they were given six months’ notice to relocate
  • $50,000 of structural repairs are required on the existing building, so it needs to be demolished
  • could lead to a safety & security risk if closed in February
  • WoH has its own internal guidelines, but the RCMP can apply “no-contact” orders
  • homelessness is not synonymous with drug use and crime
  • community is safer when people who are in need are helped
  • relocation is not an easy process – is there a safety net in place when the lease is up?
  • why not extend the deadline for closure through to the better weather?
  • how is WoH exercising accountability?
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Family Day Feb 11-13



City – Downtown
11 am to 1pm
Free Fun Mudder obstacle course/race – you must bring your signed waiver.
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Holiday Light Up

Holiday Light Up

Come out to Gyro Park Friday December 2 at 7:40pm (after the parade) to watch the holiday light up, drink hot chocolate, and kick off the winter season!


Summer events 2016

Summer 2016 was full of events and excuses to get outdoors in Grand Forks. From the opening of the Rotary Spray Park and the GFI, right on through to Park in the Park, there weren’t many weekends without a community activity. What were your favourite parts of summer?

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