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Grand Forks Committees of Council

Grand Forks Deer in a Grassy Field

Mayor and Council may create agencies, boards, commissions and committees which in the opinion of Council and the Mayor provide assistance with the peace, order and good governance of the City. The Committees of Council provide input and consultations on issues of direct relevance to the good governance of the Community.

Council has integrated three Committees of Council; the Environment Committee, Deer Committee and the Economic Development Advisory Committee. Councillor Wyers and Councillor Smith co-chair the Environment Committee, Councillor Smith and Councillor Kendel co-chair the Economic Development Advisory Committee and Councillor Smith is Chair of the Deer Committee. Committees of Council convene on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

For a schedule of meetings please contact City Hall.

Committees of Council:

  1. Environment Committee has a mandate of three initiatives: a. air quality b. carbon neutrality and c. water. This committee meets every two months to discuss environmental issues and is comprised of members of local industries, health authorities, lung association, local business persons and is chaired and co-chaired by members of Council;
  2. Economic Development Advisory Committee which is chaired and co-chaired by members of Council, has its members apply for a position on this committee for a defined period of time. This committee meets once a month with regard to Economic issues and initiatives of the City;
  3. Deer Committee which is chaired by Council and is apprised of members of the community. This committee meets on an as needed basis to discuss Deer Management for the area and the community.

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