Bear at City Hall

Bear Aware

Are you Bear Aware? WildSafeBC has great tips on how to reduce conflict with black bears. Especially important this time of year is taking away tempting food sources like fruit left on or around trees. Remember to give wild animals lots of space especially when they’re frightened.

Black bear attractants when noted BC 2009 2013



WildSafeBC explains how to prevent bear conflict including these points.

“The bottom line is that habituated bears allow humans to get too close. It is our belief that the best way to avoid conflict is to keep bears from becoming food-conditioned and from becoming human habituated.

Please learn these ways you can keep your neighbourhood safe and share the following with your neighbours:

Garbage (accounts for 55% of calls regarding bears)

  • Store garbage in a secure building until collection day or use a bear-resistant container. Vehicles or truck canopys are not always bear proof. Anything that smells like food like dirty recycling containers counts as food.

Fruit Trees and Berries

  • Pick fruit and allow it to ripen indoors or pick fruit and berries daily as they ripen. Do not allow windfall to accumulate on the ground.

Bird Feeders

  • Please note that birdseed is a very good source of calories for bears and other wildlife.
  • Use bird feeders only in the winter when bears are hibernating and natural bird food is limited.

If you feed birds in bear season, consider the following steps to minimize your contribution to human-bear conflicts:

  • Take bird feeders in at night
  • Keep the ground underneath the feeders clean and free of bird seed
  • Fill your feeders regularly with just a small amount of feed – this will decrease the reward a bear would receive if it does get to your feeder.


  • Do not add fish, meat, fat, oils, un-rinsed eggshells or any cooked food.
  • Add oxygen by turning regularly.
  • Avoid adding cereals or grains.

Pets and pet food

  • Feed pets indoors.
  • If pets are fed outside, ensure all food is cleaned up.
  • Store pet food in a secure location or in a bear-resistant bin.


  • Clean barbeques after use by burning off the grill entirely, and store securely.
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Darrell J. Priede Memorial Bridge Closing

The City will be closing Darrell J. Priede Memorial Bridge and the multi-use pathway from Kettle River Drive to Como Road while construction is underway for the new water main to the Ruckle neighbourhood. Argosy Construction Group will be moving to the site and conducting surveys this week, and constructing the main from about September 26-November 21. The trail will remain closed during most of this period, and Argosy will be posting detailed information and notifying affected neighbours about interruptions to their water service and road access.

Please contact the City at 250.442.8266 for more information.

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Silver Kettle Evacuation Drill 4

Silver Kettle Drill

Everyone safe and sound at the Silver Kettle evacuation drill.

Emergency services ran the drill at 11 today to help prepare in the event of an emergency. The Fire Department first sweeps the building for anyone left in their quarters. The basic principle to get everyone safe before focusing on the fire. After all, buildings can be rebuilt but people are irreplaceable.

Thanks to all the volunteer fire fighters for taking the time to participate!

For more information, please call us at (250) 442-8266.

Silver Kettle Evacuation Drill 1 Silver Kettle Evacuation Drill 2 Silver Kettle Evacuation Drill 3


construction notice

2nd St closed Sept 21

Please be advised that the Public Works crew will be doing some storm drain maintenance on 2nd street tomorrow, September 21, 2016 and will ONLY have one lane open to traffic between Central and Market Ave. on 2nd street for southbound traffic.

Northbound traffic can access 1st Street or 3rd street with no interruptions to and from the downtown core.

For more information please call the Public Works Yard (250) 442-4148.

Tot Lot closed for upgrades

Tot Lot Closed for Upgrades

Please be advised that the TOT LOT in City Park is now CLOSED in preparation of the installation of the new playground equipment. We anticipate the TOT LOT will be closed for approximately two weeks while they prep and install the equipment.


RFP Contact: Daniel Drexler – Deputy Manager of Operations

RFP #: PW2016-07-RFP

RFP Acceptance Procedure: In Person, By Mail/Courier, Email

RFP Submission Deadline: October 3rd, 2016 at 2:00pm

The City of Grand Forks is seeking proposals for janitorial services for City operations for a three year period commencing on October 15, 2016 until October 14, 2019, with the option for subsequent annual terms (maximum 2 additional years).

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