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Fire Danger Rating Update

Since April 1, the Southeast Fire Centre has seen a total of 55 fires, which have burned 172 hectares. In the past 24 hours, Wildfire Management Branch crews responded to fires in the Boundary and Cranbrook Zones. Since last Thursday, there have been 29 incidents involving improper or dangerous campfire use in the Southeast, raising the number of incidents to 104 this season. Most of these 29 incidents, which include unattended and abandoned campfires, took place over the weekend.

Of course, every person‐caused fire is preventable. These incidents tie‐up valuable resources and may delay our crews from responding to a naturally occurring fire, or prevent their ability to deploy to other places in the province or country where urgent help may be need.

We need the public to respect and follow campfire regulations, and the open fire prohibition which went into effect July 8th. The fine for lighting, fueling, or using a campfire against regulation is $345. If a fire escapes, you may be held liable for all suppression costs.

Although the Fire Centre will be closely monitoring precipitation levels, drying patterns and lightning as we continue through this heat wave, it is impossible to accurately predict the severity of each forest fire season or where fires will burn.

To report a wildfire or unattended campfire call 1‐800‐663‐5555, or *5555 on most cellular networks. For more information on open fire restrictions or updates on current wildfire activity, visit:

Download the BC Wildfire Newsletter – July 24th, 2013