Satisfaction Survey 2017

Satisfaction Survey

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The City of Grand Forks is conducting a Community Satisfaction Survey to gather your feedback about the City’s programs and services. The survey will help us to understand your priorities for allocating City resources and budgets, and it will gather your input regarding key issues important to community members.

Starting this spring 2017, the City is undertaking updates to its Official Community Plan (OCP). This document provides an overarching, visionary document for Grand Forks, and offers a long term plan about growth and development. The OCP is important because it guides decisions on proposed new housing, business and industrial developments, sustainability, environmental priorities and transportation directions.

This Community Satisfaction Survey provides one of several ways for you to provide your input to the OCP project.

It is important for this survey to be statistically significant for the following reasons:

  • Allows generalization to the larger population of Grand Forks (depending on numbers of respondents);
  • Limits researcher bias;
  • Limits selection of individuals who have strong opinions about one or many issues;
  • Can generate responses from individuals the City does not always hear from.

Your input is very important to us!