FM2022-11-EOI – North Ruckle Salvage

This entry was published on March 14, 2022 and may be out of date.

City of Grand Forks Request for Expressions of Interest
Flood Mitigation Program
FM2022-11-EOI : Salvage of Materials from North Ruckle Homes
Date of issue – March 14, 2022


The City of Grand Forks is seeking Expressions of Interest from individuals and/or
organizations (the proponents) that are interested in salvaging materials from homes located in
the neighbourhood of North Ruckle. The City of Grand Forks has approximately 30 homes that
will be made open for salvage opportunities. There are various materials that will be available,
such as windows, doors, cabinetry, lighting, bathroom fixtures etc.

An application form (Schedule A) is available through BC Bid, the City of Grand Forks main
office and on the City of Grand Forks website. Proponents are solely responsible for ensuring
any addenda are downloaded, reviewed, and included in their application form. Questions
regarding this EOI can be directed to Kenton McNutt, Coordinator of Salvage, Sales, Moving
and Sales at North Ruckle at 250-666-0106 or via email at:

Proponents must refer to the Expression of Interest Documents for the terms governing the
application process. Applications shall be prepared and submitted at the sole expense of the
proponent and without cost to the Corporation of the City of Grand Forks. All proposals received
by the City of Grand Forks Corporate Officer become the property of the Corporation of the City
of Grand Forks and as such are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Applications may be submitted starting on Monday, March 14, 2022. At this time, electronic and
in-person submissions are being accepted.

Please review the full EOI document : 2022-03-14-FM2022-11-EOI-NorthRuckleSalvage

The application form: 2022-03-14-FM2022-11-EOI-ScheduleA