As Wildfire Season approaches, here are some great tips to help reduce the risk around your home.


Action Items to Improve Your Homes Survivability:

  • REMOVE leaves, pine needles, and other flammable material from the roof, gutters, and on and under your home.
  • SCREEN areas below decks and porches with 1/8″ wire mesh to help prevent material from accumulating underneath.
  • COVER exterior attic and soffit vents with 1/8″ wire mesh to help prevent sparks from entering your home
  • ENCLOSE eaves to help prevent ember entry
  • INSPECT shingles or roof tiles. REPLACE missing shingles or tiles. COVER ends of tiles with bird stops or cement to help prevent ember penetration during a wildfire.

Tips for Landscaping Around Your Home

  • REMOVE dead vegetation and other flammable materials, especially within the first 5 feet of the home.
  • KEEP your lawn hydrated and maintained. If it’s brown, cut it down to help reduce fire intensity.
  • PRUNE tree limbs so the lowest Frances are 6 to 10 feet above the ground to help reduce the chance of fire getting into the crowns of the trees.
  • MOVE construction material, trash, and woodpiles at least 30 feet away from the home and other outbuildings.
  • DISPOSE of branches, weeds, leaves, pine needles, and grass clippings that you gave cut to reduce the fuel for the fire.


Also a link to the FireSmartBC website containing even more information.

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