news release

City Will Demolish Its Building at 7212 Riverside Drive

February 13, 2018

Grand Forks, BC – The City of Grand Forks will demolish its building at 7212 Riverside Drive to avoid paying an estimated cost of over $300,000 to rehabilitate it. A March 2017 report outlines the defaults found in the building during a review of roofing leaks. The ongoing leaks damaged the wall insulation, exterior sheathing, cladding, windows, and doors. These would need to be replaced in the south portion of the building in addition to a complete roof replacement. Council voted to retire the building  instead.

The building is located adjacent to Sugimoto Park and a community trail runs behind the building above the Granby River. The City owns much of the land on the downtown side of the confluence of the Granby and Kettle Rivers – the “grand forks”. Most of it is vacant with some benches and lights along the trail. Last fall, community members led a cleanup of the riparian area after becoming concerned the garbage being left by camps set up along the river. The future of the demolition site and the other parcels is undetermined at this time, but a report will be coming to Council this spring outlining some options for this area and other City owned parcels.

Please contact City Hall with any questions.

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