Council Adjusts Property Tax Increase

Council Reduces Property Tax Increase

At their meeting on Monday, April 8, Council approved a reduction in the previously approved property tax increase from 4% down to 2% as part of the 2020 Financial Plan which will be considered at the April 20 meeting. And further, at the same meeting Council approved deferring the previously approved 3.5% utility rate increase until at a minimum the fall.

Upon review Council determined that a 4% tax increase and an increase in utility rates in 2020 would create additional hardship in an already trying time for our community. As a result staff were directed to re-open the financial plan and to find opportunities where expenditures may not be fully utilized as a result of COVID 19 and the current environment. These changes will not impact the current service levels and included reductions in conferences, training and other business travel; as well as, savings realized by not filling some vacant positions within the organization. As we learn more about the health and economic impacts of COVID 19 Council will continue to be proactive and look for opportunities to reduce the impact on our community.