Council Releases Letter-of-Intent with BC Housing

Grand Forks City Council Authorizes Release of Letter-of-Intent with BC Housing

Grand Forks, BC – May 30, 2019 – Grand Forks City Council has authorized the release of the Letter-of-Intent signed with BC Housing regarding the Supportive Housing project.
BC Housing purchased the lot at 7382 2nd Street last summer with the intention of constructing a building to offer Supportive Housing.
Following public feedback regarding the 2nd Street location, the previous Council endeavoured to determine alternate locations for BC Housing to consider for the Supportive Housing project. Several properties were proposed, but for a variety of reasons none were deemed suitable for the development.
In mid-March 2019, the current Council made a strategic purchase of four lots (“lots A-D”) on the south side of Dick Bartlett Park. At the time, the intent was to provide options for long-term planning to include possible public green space and road access to the 52-unit Affordable Housing development on 19th Street.
In further discussions with BC Housing, Council resolved to offer lots A-D on 70th Avenue as another possible location for the Supportive Housing project. BC Housing was receptive to considering this location, subject to suitable rezoning of the properties. A Letter-of-Intent was signed by Grand Forks City Council and BC Housing on May 10.
Key points in the letter include:
• the relocation of the project from 2nd Street to 70th Avenue is contingent on rezoning passing final reading and adoption by the end of June,
• the City purchasing from BC Housing the lot at 2nd Street for their purchase price, plus costs incurred in preparing that development, should the zoning change on 70th Avenue pass,
• provision of a long-term lease to BC Housing for the properties on 70th Avenue, and
• BC Housing paying Development Cost Charges for servicing lots A-D, with the City partnering 50/50 on servicing costs.
A public hearing on the proposed zoning amendment will be held at City Hall on Wednesday, June 5 beginning at 3:00pm.
The proposed zoning amendment (Bylaw 2039-A6) passed the first two readings at the Council meeting on May 21, 2019, triggering a public hearing process scheduled for June 5. Council’s consideration for 3rd Reading is on the agenda for the next Regular Meeting of Council on June 10.
The Letter-of-Intent dated May 1 (but executed May 10) is attached to this release.