Flood Mitigation Buyout Meetings

The City of Grand Forks will be hosting small group consultation meetings with residents on the flood mitigation project buyout list to discuss and gather feedback on the in-kind support options. These are exploratory sessions only and do not indicate an ‘offer’ or commitment to provide the option until Council makes that decision.

  • July 23 10 am and 2 pm – Affordable Rental Options. If you will not have enough resources to buy a new home, or if you are looking for a ‘landing pad’ while you assess your longer term options, the City would like to explore how existing or new rental resources and sites could support your needs.
  • July 25 2 pm – Moving houses or placing manufactured / mobile homes. Are you interested in moving your house to another lot, either leased from the City or through another means? Or maybe buying a manufactured or modular home to place? In this session we’ll explore some ideas and logistics with your input.
  • July 25 6 pm – Buying or trading City land. If you are obtaining a new property from the City, what might be involved? What are options to spread the cost of servicing over time so it is more attainable up front?
  • July 30 10 am – Moving or placing houses / manufactured homes (as for July 25th 2 pm)
  • Aug 2 10 am – Co-op housing / condominium / townhouse development. Are you interested in being involved in a housing cooperative or living in a townhouse or condominium? What kind of amenities and locations are of interest?


Further meetings will be available on request and more sessions may be scheduled as needed to accommodate those interested in participating.

Call 250-442-8266 or email info@grandforks.ca to sign up for a meeting. Attendance is restricted to property owners who received a buyout notice in the mail.