news release

Grand Forks asset management tool receives Honourable Mention at 2018 Community Excellence Awards

September 17, 2018

Grand Forks, BC – The City of Grand Forks received an Honourable Mention for its Sustainable Service Delivery tool in the Excellence in Asset Management category at the 2018 Community Excellence Awards. The annual awards showcase local governments that push the field of local government forward with better ways of achieving success in their communities. The Sustainable Service Delivery tool was developed over two years and first used by the City in 2017. It shows how well the City is delivering its services according to benchmarks in every part of its operations from finance to parks.

“The SSAT gives me the information I need to make budget and service level decisions” said Mayor Frank Konrad. “I can look at the department’s score and know when to dig a little deeper and ask the manager about why they are under performing or really doing a good job.”

The ratings are divided into two categories, Current Performance and Preparedness for the Future, and then summarized into a sustainability indicator. Overall, the City’s performance showed some room for improvement, with the highest scores coming in Fire Protection and the water utility. The lowest scores were in Drainage and Flood Protection, and Solid Waste. Although the scores can be compared with each other and across municipalities, the main benefit to the City is highlighting how to improve individual services.

Left to right: Scott Shepherd, Urban Systems; Councilor Christine Thompson; Councilor Chris Hammett; Councilor Julia Butler; Graham Watt, City of Grand Forks.