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News Release – City of Grand Forks Filling of Legal Proceedings

This entry was published on September 17, 2020 and may be out of date.

Grand Forks, BC – September 15, 2020 – The City of Grand Forks filed a Legal Proceeding in the Supreme Court of British Columbia relating to the occupation of City land and bylaw violations at Granby Road Beach.

The City requested an order requiring the current occupants of the land known as Granby Road Beach to immediately vacate and cease occupation; furthermore, the City requested the trailer be removed from the City property.

In addition, the City asked the Court to authorize the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to arrest and remove from the property any person whom the officer has reasonable and probable grounds to believe is trespassing on the City property.

The City has tried to resolve this matter amicably numerous times without success and is now asking the Court for support on this matter.

On July 15, 2020, the City received the first of multiple public complaints about the occupation of the City-owned Granby Road Beach property and determined occupants had placed a trailer on City property. The occupants had lit fires and strewed garbage throughout the property.

The City erected a gate for the purposes of confirming its possession of the property and provided both oral and written notice of trespass, which have been ignored.

The placement of the trailer and living in the trailer constitutes a trespass on City property, which is not permitted under the Zoning Bylaw and is not a temporary shelter for homelessness.

At an in-camera meeting in July, Council asked staff to expediently work with the individuals that are trespassing and the RCMP on potential avenues to voluntarily remove the trailer and belongings from the City property at the Granby Road beach area; and if not resolved by those means, Council asked staff to utilize legal processes, including pursuing a court order to remove the individuals and their belongings from the site.

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