Introduction to Upcoming Updates to the Official Community Plan Bylaw

In British Columbia, provincial legislation gives municipalities the power to develop a variety of land use related bylaws. One such bylaw is an Official Community Plan Bylaw, or OCP for short. Broadly, the OCP is a visioning document which contains statements of objectives, policies, and guidelines that help guide planning and land use decisions.

OCPs are community built in that they rely on public input to articulate the community’s values and ideas on how the community could look and feel in the future. OCP’s are also highly influential documents, if a municipality adopts an OCP, all bylaws and works undertaken by Council must be consistent with the plan. In this sense, the OCP is often understood as the most important plan for a community.

Typically, most communities in BC opt to develop a new OCP or revisit an existing OCP every 10 to 15 years. The City of Grand Forks’ current OCP Bylaw was developed in 2011. At the Regular Meeting of Council on October 5th, 2020, Council directed City staff to pursue a focused update to the OCP. The City is pleased to announce that the contract for this update was awarded to MVH Urban Planning + Design, with a project timeline set for completion in December 2021.

Given that the OCP is functionally the community’s vision for itself, the process for developing or amending an OCP is intensely public. Working with the City, MVH Urban Planning + Design will be engaging the public to gather the thoughts and ideas of the community to inform the update to the OCP. Updating and/or replacing an OCP is a way of ensuring that land use and planning decisions are in alignment with the community’s vision.

This page is dedicated to providing the public with information regarding the OCP update. Be sure to check this page regularly for updates on how you can participate in this exciting process!

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