OCP – Wrapping up June

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm during our first week of engagement in Grand Forks. We appreciate everyone who came out to share their ideas, but don’t worry if you missed us! This was only round one of engagement and the project’s introduction, and there will be more opportunities over the summer and fall to get involved.

We managed to get lots of meaningful feedback from the community and are seeing some key themes and ideas emerge, including:

  • More innovative housing options for everyone
  • Preservation of heritage, character, and trees
  • Community cohesion and togetherness!
  • Trail systems and an easier way to move around the city
  • Downtown vibe: create a community hub which is pedestrian friendly, offers a variety in services and stores, and supports local businesses

A quick reflection on our time in Grand Forks…

It is easy to say that our team became enamoured with your city and its beautiful landscape. One of our favourite things we learned about Grand Forks is how flat and bikeable it is, making it great for trails and active transportation. We took a tour through the various neighbourhoods and learned that the city is actually a combination of Grand Prairie and the City of Columbia, and that Market Avenue has great bones to be an amazing hub for the community. We saw the unique character of each neighbourhood, which reinforced the idea of approaching this OCP update with neighbourhood level planning in mind. Notable housing characteristics include generous setbacks, a stunning array of trees that line the streets, and front porches perfect for hot summer days. We noticed that single family units are the primary housing type, and that there are some affordable housing units, but that there is room for variety to improve options for everyone. Grand Forks is a city that is strongly influenced by existing natural systems – slopes, rivers, and wetlands help define the city’s character. We saw a rural agricultural mix and discovered an amazing learning garden made possible by passionate volunteers. We also rekindled our love for borscht!. But enough about our experience….
We are still looking for your feedback!

Stay tuned to the website for project updates or to fill out one of our Community Circles Kits. These kits are designed to get you thinking about your community, complete with an ideas and notes page and survey. Want to pick one up in person? Kits can be picked up and dropped off at City Hall or the library, or scan your kit and email it to us at OCP@grandforks.ca. We love to hear all your thoughts and ideas, and please share far and wide with your community. Once we receive feedback, we will compile the results into a What We Heard Report which we will share with the community. So, stay tuned!

We appreciate having kits returned by July 15.