Campfire/Open Burning Ban in Effect – April 7, 2020


In addition to province-wide bans on Category 2 and Category 3 fires which include all of the City and Rural Grand Forks, Grand Forks Fire/Rescue has temporarily suspended all campfire permits during this time of social distancing from COVID-19 and in advance of possible Spring Freshet responses. Effective today, no new permits will be issued and permits currently held by residents may not be used.

A dry spring is forecast, and the Province has implemented these restrictions to limit wildfire response crews potential exposure to the coronavirus and to minimize particulates in the air which could aggravate symptoms associated with COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses.

Within city limits, open burning is prohibited year-round without a permit from the Fire Department. Propane and natural gas powered barbecues and fire pits are exempt from the City’s Fire and Life Safety Bylaw and may be used at this time.

Residents outside of city limits are reminded that fire bans enacted by the Province apply throughout Area D year-round.

For any questions regarding this open burning and campfire ban, please contact Grand Forks Fire/Rescue at 250-442-3612.