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City of Grand Forks Unveils New Economic Profile to Attract New Business

This entry was published on May 16, 2014 and may be out of date.

The City of Grand Forks is pleased to launch its new economic profile, focusing on the city’s strengths to help spread the word that ‘Grand Forks is open for business.’

“The City is taking an extremely proactive approach to attract investors and business to the community and this is one tool that we will have,” explains Mayor Brian Taylor.

It will be used by city staff, councillors, the Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Officer to help target potential investors. The profile includes information on the area’s history, community statistics, amenities and services, annual events, accessibility to major cities and snapshot of the business community.

“Roxul and Interfor are two of the city’s largest employers and combined with a thriving agricultural industry and numerous smaller employers, provide the strength and support for continued strategic growth in the City of Grand Forks,” adds Taylor.

The City is keen to grow and strengthen the business community in Grand Forks through business retention, expansion and attraction. Taylor says the city is competitive in its cost of doing business and offers tax incentives for business in the community.

“Grand Forks has taken every step to ensure we help businesses be successful, particularly in the areas of locating and relocating, planning and development permits and identifying business opportunities,” he adds.

Check Out Our Economic Development Page to See The Profile Here!

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