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MEDIA RELEASE: City Encourages Residents To Book For Water Meter Installation

More than 500 residential water meters have been installed as part of the Universal Water Meter Program and the City of Grand Forks continues to encourage residents to book their appointment for installation to receive a free water meter.

Grand Forks resident Dave Milton was first in line in early September for his water meter and believes the program is a must for the city.

“It concerns me that residents in Grand Forks each use so much water every, much more than the BC and Canadian average. I think some of that is lost through leaks but too much water is wasted,” says Milton.

“I believe that residential water meters will swing things the other way and help us conserve more of this precious resource.”

Milton says the installation process took less than an hour and “they were prompt and friendly and efficient.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing just how much water I use. My electricity is on a meter and so is natural gas. Water should be no different,” he adds.

Since September 3 when the program started, more than 500 meters have been installed. Mayor Brian Taylor is pleased with the support to date and encourages residents to book an appointment for an installation as soon as possible. The City plans to have all indoor meters installed by the end of December 2014.

“We’ve had lots of positive feedback since the installation began in early September. We do recognize it’s a new program and people may still have questions. Both City staff and Neptune representatives are always available to help and answer any of those questions,” he says.

Residential water meters not only encourage conservation and allow for billing equity, but will defer the need to spend millions of dollars to upgrade the City’s water infrastructure such as pipes and reservoirs. The average Grand Forks resident uses more than 720 litres of water per day. Taylor says that’s not factories and commercial businesses — that’s people in their homes.

Taylor stresses that it’s important to book an appointment and get a meter installed inside the home, as starting in the spring of 2015, the City and Neptune will begin installing pit meters at the curbside of properties where homeowners opted out of having a meter installed inside their home.

“There is a cost associated with having a pit meter installed, which is approximately $2,500. We would much prefer that everyone take the opportunity for a free installation inside the home before the end of December,” says Taylor.

For media information, please contact:
Roger Huston, Manager of Operations, City of Grand Forks
(250) 442-8266


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