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News Release – City of Grand Forks hires Utilities Manager

The City of Grand Forks has hired a new Utilities Manager. Rod Zielinski will be joining the City’s senior management team starting on August 24, 2020 for a term contract of approximately 16 months.

Mr. Zielinski brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the City, having previously worked for Fortis Alberta as well as within the City of Grand Forks’ Electrical department as the Electrical Coordinator until 2017. In his capacity with the City he was responsible for all aspects of the City’s electrical distribution system. At the same time, he also achieved a Certificate in Local Government Administration. As such, he was selected as an ideal candidate for this new Utilities Manager role within the City that will oversee not just the Electrical department, but also the Water and Wastewater department.

Mr. Zielinski wants to “thank the community and Council for the support he received over the past two years,” and he’s “looking forward to contributing further to the community in this new role.”
To accept this position, Mr. Zielinski had to resign from his role as Councillor for the City of Grand Forks, which he did on Thursday August 13, 2020. He had previously taken a six week leave of absence from Council while the competition was in progress to ensure that there was no potential conflict during the hiring process.

Mayor Taylor acknowledges that “It is a great loss for Council. Council valued Mr. Zielinski’s strategic input, especially in areas of policy development; however, at the same time it is a gain to our management team which is working diligently on implementing Council’s strategies and the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund projects. Mr. Zielinski’s expertise will be extremely valuable for our team to accomplish these tasks.”

The City will now proceed with steps to conduct a byelection later this year or early in 2021.

Early in July 2020, the City issued a job posting for a Utilities Manager position. Roughly 20 applications were received and reviewed.

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