power outage notice

Power outages February 18 and 21

The City is planning power outages 9:00 to approximately 17:00 on February 18 and 8:30 to approximately 15:00 on February 21. We are upgrading sections of the power line. Please see the map below for the approximate areas. Notices have been hand delivered to most affected properties. The red area will be out on February 18 and the purple area on February 21. Thank you for your patience. Please contact City Hall with any questions – (250) 442-8266 | email.

Looking to prepare for an outage?

  • Turn up your heat before the start of the outage.
  • Turn off or unplug appliances or equipment. Sensitive equipment, electronics and appliances should be unplugged during an outage and re-plugged after power has been restored.
  • Preserve heat, where possible. Close blinds or curtains and avoid opening doors to keep heat from escaping. Do not use outdoor barbeques, kerosene or camping heaters indoors as they emit carbon monoxide.
  • Stay warm by dressing in layers and bringing out extra blankets.
  • Get social! Make plans to visit friends or family in another area.