Water, Every Drop Counts


The City assures its residents that it adheres to all legal requirements and legislation in its business and operations. In the case of water meter installation, the City complies explicitly with the BC Plumbing code and the BC Building code. A Certified Water Meter Installer is used to install the meter, which meets the requirements of both the BC Plumbing and BC Building codes as well as the City’s contract with Neptune Technology.

The City is committed to providing the best service and quality of installation possible. A journeyman plumber is used for quality control and to undertake spot inspections periodically as a quality control measure.

The water meters are read by a mobile radio read unit and data is stored in a software program.

Neptune’s water meter technology is used in hospitals across Canada and Health Canada has concluded that exposure to RF energy from these meters does not pose a health risk. As Neptune’s Radio Frequency meters are used in hospitals, homeowners can rest assured that the low frequency of the water meters poses no threat to any medical devices.

The City thanks all residents for participating in the water meter installation program!

We encourage residents who have any questions or concerns regarding water meter installation to contact the City directly in order for us to address them accurately.

(250) 442-8266


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