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Stage 3 Water Restrictions

This page contains historical information. View current sprinkling regulations on our Utilities Page

The City will be implementing Stage 3 Watering Restrictions effective Monday September 11 because of the provincial drought levels. We’re asking for the cooperation of all residents as we try to reduce our water demand by fifty percent. During the month of August, the City distribution system (all residents and businesses) used 321,360 m3 of water – equal in volume to 129 Olympic swimming pools. It’s estimated that only about 100,000 m3 or 1/3 of peak summer demand is used indoors with the remainder used mainly for irrigation.

Stage 3 – once a week watering

For those consumers connected to the City of Grand Forks water system, outdoor sprinkling is limited to the following days and times. Even numbered civic addresses: Watering is only permitted on Saturdays. Odd numbered civic addresses: Watering is only permitted on Sundays.

Manual Sprinklers – From 7:00 am until 9:00am and From 7:00pm until 9:00pm

Automatic Timed Underground Sprinklers – Either From 12:00 am (Midnight) until 4:00am or From 7:00am until 9:00 am & from 7:00pm until 9:00pm but not both.

No person shall fill a swimming pool, hot tub, garden pond or decorative fountain at any time; or, wash a vehicle or boat with water.

Flower gardens, vegetable gardens and newly planted lawns and landscapes may be hand watered at any time using a hand held nozzle.

Any sprinklers running Monday to Friday will be out of compliance with the restrictions and subject to bylaw enforcement.

The Kettle River Watershed is now at Drought Level 4 which means that the watershed is experiencing extremely dry conditions where the water supply is insufficient to meet socio-economic and ecosystem needs.

The City will be doing its part in contributing to conserving water by:

  • Not watering parks (except the Cemetery, James Donaldson and the Central Ave boulevards will be reduced by 50% of the current watering schedule)
  • All other major park sprinkler systems have been shut off except for tree zones and landscapes
  • Not engaging in any water distribution and sanitary system flushing unless there is an emergency

The Bylaw Enforcement Officer will continue to enforce watering restrictions by:

  1. Leaving a red warning flag on the lawn
  2. Issuing fines for non-compliance

Despite using groundwater to supply the water system, the aquifer we draw from interacts with and affects the Kettle River. Our water supply is not at risk of failing at this time but the Kettle River is approaching critical low flows and fish habitat is at risk of drying up or becoming too hot. We all bear responsibility for the impact we have on the environment and the City is being proactive in reducing water demand.