Water, Every Drop Counts

Water – Every Drop Counts: Water Use Reminder

Water – Every Drop Counts: Delay turning on outdoor irrigation and help conserve one of our most valuable resources

As the flowers and trees begin to bud and we start spending more time in our gardens, the City of Grand Forks wants to remind residents about outdoor water conservation and using water wisely.

“Saving a drop can help save a lot. With the rain we’ve had lately, most gardens and lawns don’t even need the extra water from sprinklers yet,” says Mayor Brian Taylor.

There are significant costs and energy required to deliver water to our taps, both indoor and outdoor, and treat it to be safe and clean. Conserving water helps reduce peak demands on the water infrastructure system and helps reduce the cost to maintain and operate the water system.

“This is especially important during the summer months, when drought and water supply issues can affect the local water system. So it’s good to start thinking now about using water wisely,” adds Taylor.

Here are some easy tips to help conserve water and still maintain a beautiful lawn and garden:

  • •  During the spring, watering is on Mother Nature’s tab and she usually provides more than enough rainfall to meet your lawn and garden needs. Best of all…rain is free!
  • •  Delay turning your sprinklers on in the spring and you’ll encourage a deeper, stronger and healthier roots system – better able to withstand the heat of summer. Or set your timers to water in the early morning hours.
  • •  Once you do turn on your sprinkler, most lawns only need about 2.5 centimetres of water per week — this is the depth of a tuna can! For this amount, you only need to sprinkle your yard once a week, even during the summer.
  • •  Watering your lawn for 1 hour uses approximately 1,000 litres of water, which is equivalent to 5 dishwasher loads, 5 loads of laundry and 25 toilet flushes combined!
  • •  Check outdoor faucets, pipes and hoses for leaks. You could be saving 40 to 110 litres/day just by doing a little spring maintenance.
  • •  Use a broom to clean the winter grit off your walkway and driveway rather than a hose.
  • •  When you head off to the nursery for spring plants, be sure to look for drought tolerant types well suited to life in sunny Grand Forks!
  • •  Now is a good time to add a few inches of compost or mulch such as bark chips to your garden to keep your plants’ roots cool and moist come summer.
  • •  Adjust your sprinklers so that water does not run down your driveway, sidewalks or street.
  • •  Collect water in a rain barrel and use it to water outdoor plants.

“Conserving water is easy. Even the little things you do can help to reduce water use,” says Taylor.

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