Proposed Boundary Extension

Project overview

The City of Grand Forks is initiating a process to explore a municipal boundary extension based on a request from a landowner who is proposing a multi-phase residential development located to the northwest of the City’s current boundaries. The proposed extension area is approximately 95 ha (234 ac) in size, is located in the Regional District of the Kootenay Boundary along North Fork Road north of Coalchute Road and would affect approximately 20 landowners (see map).

The proposed municipal boundary extension is being explored to support the provision of a wider range of housing choices and better meet the housing needs of current and future residents in the community.

City Council gave approval to initiate exploring a municipal boundary extension at a Council Meeting on April 17, 2023. As part of this exploration, a formal process, set by the Province, must be followed. It involves consultation with affected landowners, First Nations communities, adjacent governments, and other affected parties, in addition to detailed analyses of potential impacts such as tax rates, cost implications, servicing, access, emergency services, and zoning.

Landowners located within the proposed boundary extension area can expect to receive direct communications and consultation opportunities about the proposed municipal extension. Additional opportunities will be provided for the broader community to learn more and share their thoughts as we work through the provincial process.

Keep checking back here as new information and details on upcoming community engagement will be added once confirmed.

What happens with a Boundary Extension?

A boundary extension is a provincially regulated process which includes six steps: Council resolution, proposal development including rationale, implications, public, affected party and First Nations engagement, Ministerial review, electoral approval, and Provincial approval, and implementation by the City and Regional District.

As part of the process, a third-party consultant has been hired by the City to plan and implement the engagement process in alignment with provincial requirements. This includes engaging all affected property owners and partners directly. The City of Grand Forks will be engaging with property owners and residents of the boundary extension area to ensure they are aware and have the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed boundary extension.

For more information  or to learn more about the process outlined by the Province see the Municipal Boundary Extension Process Guide

Tell me more about the proposed development?

Copper Sky Development is a proposed multi-phase development that will consist of approximately 800 homes located on 100 ac, with an additional 30 ac used for public transportation, green space amenities, and infrastructure.

For more information visit: Masterplan | Copper Sky (

Project timing (subject to change based on provincial requirements and consultation)

Spring 2023        Proposal for the Copper Sky Project was made to Council on April 17, 2023 at the Committee of the Whole meeting. Review the proposal here and the Council Resolution to proceed with exploring a municipal boundary extension

Summer 2023    City of Grand Forks retains ISL, a third-party consultant, to design and implement the engagement process in alignment with provincial requirements

Fall 2023              Engagement with affected parties, public, landowners, regional and provincial governments, First Nations, emergency services and utility providers.

Early 2024           Municipal Electoral Approval

Spring 2024        Provincial Approval

How to provide feedback?

This fall, the City of Grand Forks will be reaching out to affected parties including landowners, regional and provincial governments, First Nations, emergency services and utility providers. We will be sending information to affected parties directly on the proposed boundary extension and how they can provide feedback.

In addition, later this fall the City will host an Open House to share information on the proposed boundary extension, what we heard from the affected parties and gather feedback from the broader community.

What if I am a landowner within the proposed boundary extension area?

There are approximately 20 properties which will be affected by the proposed municipal boundary extension. The City is committed to hearing from property owners and will be reaching out to landowners to set up individual meetings to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

I need more information on how this could impact me

Because we’re only just starting to explore the proposed municipal boundary extension there are still some details we need to confirm. We’re committed to updating this website and the Frequently Asked Questions on a regular basis as new information and details are confirmed. Please let us know if you have any specific questions or information you’re interested in, and we’ll do our best to get answers.




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