Council Delegations

Council welcomes public input and encourages individuals and groups to share their projects, views and initiatives at the Committee of the Whole and other open public meetings.

Council needs to know all sides of an issue, and the possible impacts of any action they make take, prior to making a decision that will affect the community. The following outline has been devised to assist you in preparing for your presentation, so that you will understand the kind of information that Council will require, and the expected time frame in which a decision will be forthcoming. Council may not make a decision at this meeting.

The information provided on this form is collected under the authority of the Community Charter and is a matter of public record, which will form a part of the Agenda for a Regular Meeting of Council. The information collected will be used to process your request to be a delegation before Council.

Delegation Appearance Procedures

Standard Delegation Form

Please fill in the form below to submit your request to appear before Council as a delegation.

Online Delegation Form

Presentation Outline.
Please fill out and submit the Online Delegation form below to secure your presentation to council. Presentations may be a maximum of 10 minutes. All fields in the form are required in order to be submitted.

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