Campfire Permit

Special Outside Burning Permit Guidelines


  • Fire must be no larger than 0.5 meters (19 inches) in length, width or height

  • Fire must be fully contained inside a ring of concrete, rock, steel, or on the ground surrounded mineral soil

  • Ensure the fire is continuously controlled and supervised by a competent adult person

  • Ensure that sufficient equipment and resources are available at the burn site to properly control the fire and for ensuring that the fire is completely extinguished

  • Must have the permit readily available for inspection

  • Must burn only clean, dry, untreated wood

  • Once cooking is complete the fire must be extinguished

  • The venting index must be 55 or better (good) during the time of the burn. Call 1-888-281-2992, or check venting index online at

  • The Fire Chief, or authorized designate, may at any reasonable time enter any premise for the purpose of fire prevention inspections


  • Burning is prohibited while a fire ban is in place even if a permit has been issued

  • Fire must not be located within 5 meters (16 Feet) from adjoining property lines and buildings, or 3 meters (9 feet) from any combustibles

  • It is expressly prohibited to burn garden waste, including but not limited to, grass, hedge clippings, leaves, prunings, pine needles, etc., within the City boundaries.

  • It is expressly prohibited to burn rubber tires, oil, tar, asphalt shingles, battery boxes, plastic compositions, insulated wire or any like substance which produces heavy black smoke on or in the boundaries of the City.

  • The Fire Chief or a designate may refuse to issue or may cancel a Special Permit if the use of which, in their opinion, would likely be hazardous or create a nuisance.

Permit Duration

  • The first issued permit will be valid for one day

  • The second issued permit will be valid for a duration of three months

  • Any further issued permits will be valid for a duration of six months