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Fire Prevention Week October 9th – 15th

Fire Prevention Week will begin on October 9th – 15th.

Grand Forks Fire/Rescue will be doing an open house on Sunday Oct. 15th. Check back for an update on fun activities that will be happening!

Visit Fire Prevention Week (FPW) ( for more information and tips on how to be fire safe for the whole family.


As Wildfire Season approaches, here are some great tips to help reduce the risk around your home.


Action Items to Improve Your Homes Survivability:

  • REMOVE leaves, pine needles, and other flammable material from the roof, gutters, and on and under your home.
  • SCREEN areas below decks and porches with 1/8″ wire mesh to help prevent material from accumulating underneath.
  • COVER exterior attic and soffit vents with 1/8″ wire mesh to help prevent sparks from entering your home
  • ENCLOSE eaves to help prevent ember entry
  • INSPECT shingles or roof tiles. REPLACE missing shingles or tiles. COVER ends of tiles with bird stops or cement to help prevent ember penetration during a wildfire.

Tips for Landscaping Around Your Home

  • REMOVE dead vegetation and other flammable materials, especially within the first 5 feet of the home.
  • KEEP your lawn hydrated and maintained. If it’s brown, cut it down to help reduce fire intensity.
  • PRUNE tree limbs so the lowest Frances are 6 to 10 feet above the ground to help reduce the chance of fire getting into the crowns of the trees.
  • MOVE construction material, trash, and woodpiles at least 30 feet away from the home and other outbuildings.
  • DISPOSE of branches, weeds, leaves, pine needles, and grass clippings that you gave cut to reduce the fuel for the fire.


Also a link to the FireSmartBC website containing even more information.

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