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Firefighter for a Night Wednesday April 26th


Would you like the opportunity to Serve your Community, be part of a great team, and learn new skills? Then we have the event for you!

Grand Forks Fire/Rescue is hosting our annual Firefighter for a Night. This exciting event will give you the chance to try out what we do, meet the members, and ask questions along the way.

Do not miss out on this exciting opportunity!

Wednesday April 27th from 6-9PM


Deadline for applications for our newest recruit class is May 1st. You can come and apply in person or online at

Fire Department Recruitment

Grand Forks Fire Rescue is recruiting new members for all 3 of our firehalls! The deadline for applications is May 1st. Details can be found in the link below and on the “Join Our Team” page on this website. Looking forward to meeting our newest firefighters!


Fire Department Recruitment

Smoke Alarm Campaign 2023

Smoke Alarm Campaign 2023

Smoke Alarms – A Sound You Can Live With
Replace Aging Smoke Alarms

The one time we think about the smoke alarms in our homes is when we move in, or maybe once in a while when we change the batteries. But unless the smoke alarm goes off, or it chirps to remind us to change the batteries, we pretty much take them for granted. Do you remember the last time you replaced your smoke alarms? Was it more than ten years ago? When you moved into or built your home? If you don’t remember, it may be time to do so. Like every other appliance in our home, they don’t last forever. Smoke alarms have a lifespan of about ten years according to the major manufacturers and after that should be replaced. The sensing mechanisms get old, wear out, and are just no longer reliable. Every smoke alarm produced in the last ten years has a manufacture date stamped on the back that says how old it is. If a smoke alarm does not, then it is already more than ten years old and needs to be replaced. Working smoke alarms save lives. If there is a fire in your home, smoke spreads fast and you need smoke alarms to give you time to get out. Smoke alarms and a practiced home escape plan can cut the chances of dying in a fire in half.

Richard Piché

Fire Prevention and Public safety
Grand Forks Fire Rescue

Between the hours of 6pm and 8 pm, the week of February 13th to the 24th, Grand Forks Fire Rescue will be going out to various neighborhoods in Grand Forks and conducting Smoke Alarm safety checks.

With homeowner permission GFFR will test all your smoke alarms, change batteries as required, and leave the homeowner a recommendation form and provide tips as required. Adults and Children in the home will receive a safety package and a free tote bag.

If you bring your Fire Department recommendation form to your local Home Hardware, they will give the homeowner a 10% discount on The Fire Safety products you require.

If the homeowner requires assistance with hard wired smoke alarm installations in your home, your local electrical company can assist with by sending a certified technician at a small fee.

We will NOT be coming out on Tuesday Feb 14th Valentine’s Day