Flood Mitigation Program Work Package 2 Segment C Kettle River Dike Construction

The City of Grand Forks invites Proposals from qualified contractors to construct the Work Package 2, Segment C dike and related flood mitigation works in support of the City’s Flood Mitigation Program.

Interested Proponents must submit by email the Registration Letter (Schedule A) to fmp@grandforks.ca to receive a link to Reference Material and the invitation to a Mandatory Proponents’ meeting. The deadline for Registering will be 30 minutes after the start of the Mandatory Proponents’ meeting at 9am on March 12th; however, Proponents are encouraged to register as early as possible to ensure an invitation is received to the meeting and to gain early access to essential Reference Material. Registrations received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Link to RFP: https://bcbid.gov.bc.ca/page.aspx/en/bpm/process_manage_extranet/189981

The closing date for this RFP is Monday, March 25, at 2:00pm.