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RFP – Flood Mitigation Housing Reinvestment Program (2)

Flood Mitigation Housing Reinvestment Program
RFP# FM2021-09-RFP2
Date of issue – Nov 25, 2021
Initial Closing – December 9, 2021 @ 2pm
Final Closing – January 31, 2022 @ 2pm


The City of Grand Forks invites Proposals to purchase and relocate over 30 houses and improvements that were acquired by the City for its Flood Mitigation Program. Houses must be removed by April 1st, 2022. All information required by the proponent is their responsibility to obtain.
The Request for Proposal documents are available through BC Bid and on the City website. Proponents are solely responsible for ensuring any addenda are downloaded, reviewed, and included in their Proposal. Questions regarding specifications can be directed to Graham Watt, Manager of Strategic Initiatives/Flood Recovery or Justin Dinsdale, Manager of Capital Projects and Utilities by email at or by telephone at 250-442-8266.  Do not send Proposals to this email address.
Proponents must refer to the RFP Documents for the terms governing the Proposal process. Proposals shall be prepared and submitted at the sole expense of the Proponent and without cost to the Corporation of the City of Grand Forks. All Proposals received by the City of Grand Forks Corporate Officer become the property of the Corporation of the City of Grand Forks and as such are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
There will be an initial bid period ending December 9, 2021 where Proposals will be evaluated on the competitive criteria outlined in this RFP. Thereafter, Proposals will be accepted in order of receipt so long as they meet the terms and conditions in this RFP and the purchase and sale contract.
Proposals in the initial bidding period may be submitted until 2:00:00 p.m. (local time), Thursday, December 9th, to Only electronic submissions will be accepted.

The map of available houses has been updated to identify which houses or outbuildings currently have a pending sale. Any house coloured orange with a red line through it has been reserved. Please note you may still put in a bid to be on a waiting list for those houses if the first proponent withdraws. Bidding closes at 2:00 p.m. on January 31st, 2022. Thereafter the City will be starting a salvage and demolition program on all remaining houses that have not been identified for moving.

The full Request for Proposal document may be downloaded here: 2021-11-25Reinvestment-FM2021-09-RFP2

The forms for intake into the program may be downloaded here:
Proponent information: FM2021-09-RFP2-RFP-Intake_Form_1_distributed
Bid information: FM2021-09-RFP2-RFP_Intake_Form 2_distributed
House Info Sheets [UPDATED]: FinalReinvestmentHouseInfoSheetsRFP2-MapAmendment

Motocross Site

Preliminary reviews of the Moto site by archaeologists have determined that a more thorough investigation will be required. This investigation will take additional time, so while that work is underway Council and BC Housing will also be looking for other suitable sites for housing on both city- and privately-owned sites. None of the sites being considered would be located in high density or residential areas.

Archaeological Consultants Moto-cross

Archaeological consultants will be walking the Moto site area this week to visually review the site and make recommendations as to what processes we will need to follow. BCH has other consultants on board for geotechnical and environmental but need to determine the archaeological requirements prior.

Temporary shelter and supportive housing in Grand Forks.

What is happening

During spring 2021, Grand Forks Council and staff are beginning work with BC Housing on identifying long-term solutions to house people in the community who are experiencing homelessness.

Grand Forks Housing Info Bulletin (March 26, 2021)

Background information

People living with homelessness is an issue that is widespread throughout B.C., and across Canada. Many different factors have exasperated the problem for those struggling to find suitable, adequate, and reasonably priced accommodation. There are a number of people within Grand Forks’ municipal boundaries that are experiencing homelessness.

Boundary Family Services Vulnerable Populations Point in Time (PIT) Count (August 2020)

Future supportive housing and emergency shelter

BC Housing has expressed interest in creating permanent supportive housing and an emergency shelter in Grand Forks. A potential site currently under consideration is a city-owned property known as the ‘Motocross site,’ located on Morrissey Creek Road on the eastern municipal boundary. BC Housing is working with the City of Grand Forks on the suitability and feasibility of this site for future supportive housing and emergency shelter services. Over the coming weeks, site evaluation work will be taking place, including a review of site service and access.

March 19, 2021 letter from BC Attorney General

BC Housing Community Benefits Supportive Housing Information

Current temporary shelter

Since fall 2020, a temporary shelter has been permitted at Old Hardy View Lodge at 2320 78th Avenue. Council has approved the extension of the temporary use permit (TUP) by BC Housing to continue operating the shelter until March 31, 2022, in order to provide an opportunity to review and consider a permanent shelter and supportive housing site.

This shelter ensures people have a safe and warm place to sleep. The temporary shelter is operated by Boundary Family Services, and managed by on-site staff. During the 2020-2021 winter season, the service provided shelter to as many as 15 people each night.


Moving forward

Grand Forks Council, as well as BC Housing, have committed to a transparent and open engagement process with the community. Although Council is cautiously optimistic regarding the viability of the Motocross site property, no decisions have been made. If the City and BC Housing determine this site will work, there will be an opportunity for residents to learn more and provide feedback. A community survey on shelter and supportive housing options, originally considered for this spring, has been cancelled while details and the viability of the Motocross site are better understood.

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