News Release – City of Grand Forks Filling of Legal Proceedings

Grand Forks, BC – September 15, 2020 – The City of Grand Forks filed a Legal Proceeding in the Supreme Court of British Columbia relating to the occupation of City land and bylaw violations at Granby Road Beach.

The City requested an order requiring the current occupants of the land known as Granby Road Beach to immediately vacate and cease occupation; furthermore, the City requested the trailer be removed from the City property.

In addition, the City asked the Court to authorize the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to arrest and remove from the property any person whom the officer has reasonable and probable grounds to believe is trespassing on the City property.

The City has tried to resolve this matter amicably numerous times without success and is now asking the Court for support on this matter.

On July 15, 2020, the City received the first of multiple public complaints about the occupation of the City-owned Granby Road Beach property and determined occupants had placed a trailer on City property. The occupants had lit fires and strewed garbage throughout the property.

The City erected a gate for the purposes of confirming its possession of the property and provided both oral and written notice of trespass, which have been ignored.

The placement of the trailer and living in the trailer constitutes a trespass on City property, which is not permitted under the Zoning Bylaw and is not a temporary shelter for homelessness.

At an in-camera meeting in July, Council asked staff to expediently work with the individuals that are trespassing and the RCMP on potential avenues to voluntarily remove the trailer and belongings from the City property at the Granby Road beach area; and if not resolved by those means, Council asked staff to utilize legal processes, including pursuing a court order to remove the individuals and their belongings from the site.

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NOW CLOSED: CALL FOR NOMINATIONS – Volunteer Appreciation 2020

Do you know of a special volunteer in our community?

The City of Grand Forks call for Volunteer Appreciation nominations period is officially open.

Volunteers are the heart of our community. Thank you for your generosity!

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FRESHET 2020 – Disaster Financial Assistance Available


The Province of British Columbia, through Emergency Management BC, is making Disaster Financial Assistance available throughout the Regional District of Kootenay-Boundary, including the City of Grand Forks.

The deadline for submitting flood-related claims is September 28, 2020.

Please review the DFA Fact Sheet for details.


Council Adjusts Property Tax Increase

Council Reduces Property Tax Increase

At their meeting on Monday, April 8, Council approved a reduction in the previously approved property tax increase from 4% down to 2% as part of the 2020 Financial Plan which will be considered at the April 20 meeting. And further, at the same meeting Council approved deferring the previously approved 3.5% utility rate increase until at a minimum the fall.

Upon review Council determined that a 4% tax increase and an increase in utility rates in 2020 would create additional hardship in an already trying time for our community. As a result staff were directed to re-open the financial plan and to find opportunities where expenditures may not be fully utilized as a result of COVID 19 and the current environment. These changes will not impact the current service levels and included reductions in conferences, training and other business travel; as well as, savings realized by not filling some vacant positions within the organization. As we learn more about the health and economic impacts of COVID 19 Council will continue to be proactive and look for opportunities to reduce the impact on our community.

Campfire/Open Burning Ban in Effect – April 7, 2020


In addition to province-wide bans on Category 2 and Category 3 fires which include all of the City and Rural Grand Forks, Grand Forks Fire/Rescue has temporarily suspended all campfire permits during this time of social distancing from COVID-19 and in advance of possible Spring Freshet responses. Effective today, no new permits will be issued and permits currently held by residents may not be used.

A dry spring is forecast, and the Province has implemented these restrictions to limit wildfire response crews potential exposure to the coronavirus and to minimize particulates in the air which could aggravate symptoms associated with COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses.

Within city limits, open burning is prohibited year-round without a permit from the Fire Department. Propane and natural gas powered barbecues and fire pits are exempt from the City’s Fire and Life Safety Bylaw and may be used at this time.

Residents outside of city limits are reminded that fire bans enacted by the Province apply throughout Area D year-round.

For any questions regarding this open burning and campfire ban, please contact Grand Forks Fire/Rescue at 250-442-3612.

NEWS RELEASE : City Names New Chief Administrative Officer



Grand Forks City Council Announces Appointment of Duncan Redfearn as Chief Administrative Officer


Grand Forks, BC – February 12, 2020 – Grand Forks City Council is pleased to confirm the appointment of Duncan Redfearn to the position of Chief Administrative Officer effective March 16, 2020.


He spent some time in Grand Forks years ago as a member of the Border Bruins hockey club and says “[i]t has been a number of years since I last lived in Grand Forks and I can’t wait to move my young family to this wonderful community.”


Mr. Redfearn moved to Dawson Creek during his hockey days, established himself in the community, and joined the municipal government in 2008 where his career progressed until becoming the Chief Administrative Officer three years ago.


In making the move to Grand Forks, he says “I am looking forward to this very exciting opportunity to return to Grand Forks and work with such a forward-thinking Mayor and Council, and the amazing staff at the City.”


The search for Grand Forks’ next CAO began in November under the guidance of Interim CAO Ron Mattiussi and saw significant interest from around the country and even internationally.  Council interviewed a short list of candidates in January resulting in the confirmation of Mr. Redfearn’s appointment earlier this week.


Mayor Brian Taylor noted that “Council interviewed a very good slate of candidates for the position.  We are confident that Mr. Redfearn will be an excellent fit to the community, and we look forward to his joining the team in March.”