Moving Here

Here in Grand Forks, original activities consisted of gardening, growing hemp, making clothes, buildings, jam, bricks, and pretty much whatever anyone pleased. Time passes. We still make jam and cheese, grow orchards and hemp, and know how to work hard. But today we also have hot water, an idyllic family-friendly community, a fine climate, the information superhighway, and a kick-ass art gallery. Consider yourself warned. Stopping in can lead to settling down.

10 Good Reasons to live in Grand Forks:

  1. Plenty of sunshine, with four full seasons and moderate temperatures (some say this is the best climate in Canada)
  2. Majestic rivers and countless beaches
  3. Proximity to the USA and Alberta
  4. Thriving arts, culture and heritage activities
  5. Extensive Fiber Optic network
  6. An extensive trail system that supports ATV’s, Bikes, Horses and people
  7. Outdoor recreation that supports fishing, snowmobiling, golfing, cross country skiing and access to the best family ski hill around.
  8. Cost of living; offers one of the lowest property tax and municipal charges in the province
  9. An expanding business community
  10. Grand Forks is comprised of diverse and passionate residents.

If you would like to speak with someone to consider a move, speak with one of our local real estate professionals.